NASCAP works to raise awareness about the key role of the intellectual property system in promoting creativity and innovation for development of knowledge-based industries and businesses, stimulating authorized international trade, and creating a favorable climate for business collaborations and foreign direct investment. Its seek to create a culture of respect for intellectual property rights (IPR). This promotes consumer trust and protection against health and safety hazards of counterfeit and pirated goods.

NASCAP’s  awareness creation activities include online and offline publicity campaigns, awareness events , newsletters, panel discussions, etc. 

The target audience includes policy makers, general public, students, farmers , IP creators and right holders, entrepreneurs, start-ups, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

“Counterfeit trademark goods” shall mean any goods, including packaging, bearing without authorization a trademark which is identical to the trademark validly registered in respect of such goods, or which cannot be distinguished in its essential aspects from such a trademark, and which thereby infringes the rights of the owner of the trademark in question under the law of the country of importation;
“pirated copyright goods” shall mean any goods which are copies made without the consent of the right holder or person duly authorized by the right holder in the country of production and which are made directly or indirectly from an article where the making of that copy would have constituted an infringement of a copyright or a related right under the law of the country of importation.