As the incidence of counterfeiting and piracy continues to evolve as long as there is demand from buyers, it is imperative that companies have a strategic asset management method and security approach in place to prevent counterfeiting and piracy of their logo on an increasing number of competitive global markets.Counterfeiting and piracy crimes steal billions in loss-making sales from corporations in various industries around the world, and law enforcement suffers from the response. While counterfeiting and hacking are not always new and can generally pose a threat, it remains increasingly important to push for a robust anti-counterfeiting application that employs powerful, proactive, and responsive practices. A robust app can save you huge losses in counterfeiting and piracy, especially a percentage of counterfeit exchanges, which has an immediate effect on the logo and enables stable alliances and partnerships with customs and government authorities, if you also want to help prevent criminal activity and increase self-confidence to preserve it within the logo. 

NASCAP Training will combine a pinnacle degree view of the additives required to effectively manage and enhance Anti-Counterfeit and Anti-Piracy strategies inside your enterprise corporation and in a competitive market.

  • To learn how to expand and maintain a robust anti-counterfeiting and counterfeiting software program in this international market.
  • To develop anti-counterfeiting software program that demonstrates the dangers of counterfeiting on display devices video, present threats to commercial companies and merchandise.
  • To assess existing counterfeit and development threats  and identify and manage development plans of PI commercial companies agencies to create asset plans.
  • To conduct robust and advanced studies through understanding key alternatives and steps for counterfeit tire investigations.
  • To build more relationships and walk with government agencies to Preserve documentation and information for litigation.
  • Use the modern agencies to emphasize strong security measures for awareness and self-control, including anti-counterfeiting techniques.
  • Developing systematic strategies and techniques to respond to counterfeiting.
  • Building customer loyalty and awareness of counterfeiting.
  • Understanding the security and guidance of customs border guards and customs authorities.
  • Implement techniques to combat gray market threats and buyer confusion while a case of a wrongdoer closer to counterfeiters or privateers is essential and build a case for prosecution.
  • To develop planned strategies and techniques to re sponsoring Counterfeits pleasure pastime and unlike counterfeit units.