Technological Solutions

The landscape of trade secret theft counterfeiting and piracy continues to change and evolve NASCAP members who are Technological Solution providers have a wide variety of technological means or prevention, detection, verification and enforcement of IPR. For the protection of trade secrets, technological solutions complement solutions in resource management, policies and physical controls.

For the protection of trade secrets, it’s assumed that basic security technology-based controls protecting networks and systems have already been implemented.

NASCAP members provide technology that focuses on protecting private data. These include technological solutions, data classification and labelling.

Some of these solutions are fully automated.

Once the data is classified, it is labelled and suitable metadata attached.

This metadata can be read by downstream solutions that will protect the data.

Detection tools employing behaviour analytics and deception have become available. This capability can be stand-alone or a part of another solution.

On the deception side, there are tools that apply “honey pots” and “honey token”.

A honey pot technology is used to detect intruders attacking trade secret data. The honey token is embedded in word documents, spreadsheets, etc and send a notification whenever a trade secret is accused. Both of these techniques are especially applicable in a distributed environment. Trade secret data is located at multiple locations on multiple platforms.[1] [2]