• To reach out to more Stakeholder Companies, Organizations into NASCAP Platform.
  • To set up meetings with other electrical manufacturers (domestic and international). Understand their pain points and have them on board for fighting our common goals.
  • To focus on the three major pillars – 1.Awareness 2. Training 3. Actions and to plan activities on the above three pillars on a quarterly basis.
  • To propose common marketing material for creating awareness on the impact of counterfeit products on individuals life in the community  
  • To address all the issues relating to challenges to IPR or Cybersecurity.
  • To prepare white paper representations for the government of India.

The Electronic Components Chapter of the NASCAP is headed by Mr M. Mohan Global Head of Product Authentication Electrification Product (EP) Division, Chair- BEAMA Anti-counterfeiting Middle East Working Group. He is an important functionary in the recommendation of various promotional activities like to gather all the major brands, multinational companies and stakeholders to form associations together – Indian Electrical and Electronic’s Manufacturers Association (IEEM), Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)  Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and form a vertical of Electrical as a part to address Electrical Industry. He will be discussing with BEAMA to explore how they can support Indian operations. His passion for his dedication makes him highly competitive in Electronic Industry which makes him a valuable Member.